Volunteer Opportunities at Kosh Kamala Foundation Orphanage

Kathmandu, Nepal

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help in the orphanage.

The cost is $150 USD per week.

This includes room and two meals per day in the orphanage, on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

You would be expected to help the kids get ready for school in the morning and walk the kids to school at 9:30 am. Then you have free time until 4:00 pm when you bring the kids back from school. After school, you help with homework (in English), help around the house, and play with the kids.

If you would prefer to volunteer through an agency, contact Quest or find them on Quest Facebook Page

Kosh Kamala Founders: Renila Khati Pariyar, Raj Bilas Khati, Radha Khati
Address: Budhanilkantha multiplicity-5, Pasikot Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977 984 005 5937
Best way to contact: FaceBook message Renila Khati
Email: renilag143@gmail.com

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